Competences as a Solution to Global Problems​

Co-founded by the European Union

Our ecological activities

In accordance with the goal of our project called Competences as a solution to global problems (COMPASS)”, which is financed by the Erasmus + program of the European Union, we want students aged 7 to 11 to acquire knowledge about environmental issues on our planet and ways how we as individuals can contribute in solving them. Accordingly, we have planned several environmental actions in the local areas of institutions participating in the project (from Serbia, day care centre Cloud Giraffe Zemun and Primary School “Branko Radičević” Batajnica, and from the Czech Republic Zakladni skola, Prerov).

Action of cleaning parks and schoolyards and recycling collected waste

During October and November 2022, we organized actions to clean public areas in our local surroundings (see photos and videos on the previous links in the text). During garbage collection with volunteers, we used jute sacks and recyclable gloves, and we sorted the waste and carried it to recycling containers and recycling machines (see photos and videos on the links in this paragraph).

The action of creating shelters for animals during the Winter

During December and January, we organized an action to make shelters for animals during the winter. Children from the day care centre Cloud Giraffe, together with their teachers, made a dog house, while the pupils of Elementary School “Branko Radičević” Batajnica and “Zakladni skola” Prerov made birdhouses. We set up shelters near our schools, so that we could visit them and bring food to animals (see photos and videos on the links in this paragraph).


Action of giving away bags and informing neighbours about the risks of using plastic

At the beginning of February 2023, the day care centre Cloud Giraffe from Zemun prepared an action to give away bags to people in front of stores. First, we collected plastic bags that most families have in their households, and then we washed and dried them. During two days, the bags were distributed in front of the supermarket to customers who did not have their own bags, so that they would not take new bags from the store. On that occasion, the children from the Cloud Giraffe informed customers about harmfulness of plastic and the very slow decomposition of plastic bags in nature. In addition, children shared information related to the use of the textile and other bags instead of plastic bags, as well as about good substitutes for products in plastic packaging (see photos on a link in this paragraph).

Making board games from recycled materials

At the beginning of February 2023, Elementary School “Branko Radičević” organised an action of making board games as a present to pensioners who regularly play these games in a park near by the school. We collected material which would end up in the garbage and then use it to make some board games (see photos on a link in this paragraph).

Creation and positioning of the recycling bins for paper, metal, and plastic

During March 2023 all partner institutions placed recycle bins in their local surrounding. Each recycle bin had three separate parts: for paper, plastic, and metal. Our children regularly empty recycle bins and take it to the closest recyclomat (recycle machine) in order to recycle it.

Making our own compost

During April 2023 we started to make our compost. Children from Educational center Cloud Giraffe have started to make it from a kitchen waste (watch the video), in order to lower amount of home waste and use the compost for nurturing vegetables from our garden. Elementary school „Branko Radičević“ and „Zakladni skola“ have begin to separate organic waste in special conteiners for composting.